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Still in Aruba, well I am. Tanya is in Maine with family. Our trip is on hold for the near future, on hold not over! There are more important things in life, so we will see how things play out in the coming months and go from there. I am taking the boat to Panama … Continue reading »

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New Position Report Map

We have a new vessel tracking map from, the other map is still there just below the new map. I was growing tired of waiting for the old map to draw so I found this one which plots our track almost instantly. Check it out by clicking on the Position Report tab at the … Continue reading »

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Alternatives and Necessities

So what does one do in Bonaire when one can not go in the water? …sew of course…what else? As you may remember¬†Finger Story I had my right index finger violently torn off while manually dialing a number on my cell phone (kidding), remember speed-dial only kids! Anyway, I cut my finger and couldn’t go … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday to Tanya! (She said I could say that BTW) (…and welcome to the club!) We had a great day, went to the beach, did some snorkeling and went out for dinner. We took the dinghy to Klein Bonaire about half a mile west of Bonaire. There is a beautiful beach on the … Continue reading »

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The Difference

These pictures were taken today by dive buddy Lise, with a real underwater camera! Click for full screen.

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