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Moving On

Posted by on October 1, 2017

We have really enjoyed Bonaire but it’s time to move on. We planned to stay here for two or three weeks and ended up staying for two and half months! 

It’s always tough to leave places like this…

We are leaving for Curacao in the morning, see you in a few days!

3 Responses to Moving On

  1. Deb

    Fair Winds and Following Seas. Lets us know how you like Curacao, the buildings were very interesting. Some fun statutes for picture opts. The Venezuelan market was diffidently worth checking out. The also had a maritime museum that we checked out a ferry right across to the other side where you check in and out. Like i said we did not stay long because of time frame and the hassle of getting in and out to the main part of the city. But depending on how long you will stay it look like their was a cruising community that stayed there all year.

    • Dave

      Great to hear from you! We are only staying in Curacao a few days because we stayed in Bonaire way too long! Thank you for the info! Hey to Rod!!!

  2. Dad/Bob

    Have a safe trip. Talk in a couple of days.
    Love, Dad/Bob