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Alternatives and Necessities

Posted by on October 3, 2017

So what does one do in Bonaire when one can not go in the water?

…sew of course…what else? As you may remember Finger Story I had my right index finger violently torn off while manually dialing a number on my cell phone (kidding), remember speed-dial only kids! Anyway, I cut my finger and couldn’t go swimming for 10 days so I started my five year old sewing projects!

Sewing in the saloon is a challenge:

I started the cockpit enclosure…really could have used this in the eastern Caribbean. Template material. No matter how hard I tried I could not get this side panel to smooth out, too many intersects and cut outs I think. Too much “stuff” goin’ on!

The second panel came out well:

Corner panel template:

Fitting before final touches:

Finished. Came out well:

Port side, corner and rear panels done. I had to order more materials to finish the rest. I’ll finish the remaining panels by the time we get to Panama. So far about 75 hours of sewing and a whole bunch of ibuprofen:

In addition to the panel materials I ordered closed cell foam and sunbrella for new cockpit seat cushions. Yay more work!

The seat cushions that came with the boat are vinyl (sweat) and are not waterproof. These cushions are waterproof foam covered in durable fabric. About four hours cutting and sewing:

And five years later, jerry jug covers DONE!

Of course this wouldn’t be paradise without a leaky saloon hatch!

After cleaning and generous application of sealant, the hatch is back in and dry!

One Response to Alternatives and Necessities

  1. Dad/Bob

    Just like adding a room on at the house. Except you can open it all to the warm weather. Looks great.