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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Happy Birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday to Tanya! (She said I could say that BTW) (…and welcome to the club!) We had a great day, went to the beach, did some snorkeling and went out for dinner. We took the dinghy to Klein Bonaire about half a mile west of Bonaire. There is a beautiful beach on the … Continue reading »

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The Difference

These pictures were taken today by dive buddy Lise, with a real underwater camera! Click for full screen.

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Bonaire Montage

I’ve got so far behind with updates I am just going to post pictures from the last few weeks here in Bonaire. The pictures are from whatever we did on certain days, in or out of the water. Click on them for full screen. Some of this may be a rehash… That place on the … Continue reading »

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We went back to one of our favorite snorkel sites to check on our friend, his name is Gaston, he is a French Angel fish! Click on the pictures for full screen view. “…are you guys back, is that you?” “oh wow you’re back” “nice to see you!” …up close… “…OK so where’s the food?” … Continue reading »

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Fun And Games!

Bonaire is a fantastic place! We have been here longer than any other island including Grenada. We are having so much fun diving, snorkeling, sightseeing, eating out and meeting people that I thought I would share… So our raw water cooling pump has been leaking for some time now, and we were having too much … Continue reading »

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