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Posted by on July 24, 2017

I found a dive buddy and went for a dive yesterday. He found a small wreck that is not on the dive map. Had a great time. My cheap camera does not pick up the color as well as I would like but they’re still pretty good pics…

Click on the pictures for full screen view.

Dive buddy Dan. He loaned me a tank while mine are being tested. Thanks Dan!

There are no moorings near this wreck and it’s too exposed to snorkel, so we had to swim quite a ways to get to it. There are lines laid out on the sea floor to guide you to the site. I am just getting back into diving so I’m still working on my breathing. I burned up a third of my air just getting to the site so we only had about 7-8 minutes of time on site.

Nice fish:

This guy swam right up and crossed in front of me, almost posing:

Awesome dive. Going on a boat dive to a large wreck sometime this week!

One Response to Dive

  1. Dad/Bob

    Those are great pics. Keep them coming.