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Back in Florida

Posted by on May 1, 2013

We are back in West Palm Beach Florida. Our trip was 76 miles and took 9 1/2 hours. We hit 10.4 knots for a brief moment but averaged 8.4 knots, that’s screaming! We were sad to say good bye to the Bahamas but we’ll be back in a few months.

Sunrise leaving Bimini:

1 sunrise Bimini Bahamas

Taking down the Bahamas courtesy flag and raising the quarantine flag:

1a flag

Caught a nice mahi mahi in the gulf stream but she was a little small so we let her go:

1b mahi

The hook came out very easy:

1c mahi

They are so beautiful, but so tasty. She’ll live another day:

1d mahi

We actually hit 10.4 knots but didn’t get a picture of that one. 9.7 knots is pretty fast for us!

2 fast trip back to Florida

We are checking in tomorrow with Customs & Immigration and will slowly make our way north to Cape Canaveral.

Until then…

One Response to Back in Florida

  1. Dad/Bob

    Welcome Home. Yes the time will fly and you will be headed back. Will talk to you soon.
    Love you guys.