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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Past Two Weeks

Looking back over the past couple of weeks… In order to get the boat in the water we had to accomplish quite a bit, this is just a sample. Prep and prime the masts: Paint the masts: The paint came out quite nice. Bob is installing and wiring the tv antenna and wind generator mounts: He … Continue reading »

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We Made it, We’re in!!

We made it, we are in the water, floating again!!! These past few days have been very long, we are beat! We are going to get some sleep, wake up late and take the day off (for the most part). We would not be back in the water without a tremendous amount of support from our family and … Continue reading »

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Launching in Two Days!

We’ve been delinquent with our updates in the last couple of weeks but it’s not due to laziness! Our launch date is June 28th and we have had to accomplish quite a bit in order to be ready. With a great deal of help we have: completed the bottom job, engine, masts, rigging, windlass, companionway hatches, more … Continue reading »

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Topside Paint is Complete!

We were able to get quite a bit done in this last stretch of good weather. Tanya has been varnishing up a storm. The masts have been uncovered, cleaned, sanded and taped up in preparation for painting. Yesterday we were able to complete our last large weather sensitive project, topside painting! Tanya and her Father worked tirelessly on … Continue reading »

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Sunny Day!

The weather here has been dismal for the past week, cold, rain, fog, more rain.  The damp weather makes it very difficult to make progress on some of our most important projects. When we went to bed last night it was pouring rain. When we woke up the sun was shining and it is supposed to be sunny and … Continue reading »

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